I would like to start this paper, in which I will try to investigate the politicization of a religious symbol (i.e. the turban), firstly by situating myself in the discourse. As a 20 year old woman (born and raised in Turkey) who does not wear the turban, whenever I see a woman wearing one […]

During World War I (WWI), the armies had a serious problem: they did not have a system  for classifying their recruits by assessing their intelligence and capabilities, and they therefore could not assign the best fitting tasks for them. Although there were some tests that aimed to measure personality characteristics, none could meet the demands […]

I am fascinated by the modern individual’s tendency to distinguish between what is virtual and what is real. In this light, I will try to focus on how we perceive this distinction shapes the way we perceive youth; as it is often believed that they are too involved in the “virtual world” and missing out […]