British empiricists are first and foremost concerned with how our minds acquire knowledge and they try to come up with specific terms and definitions about the combination of that knowledge. Furthermore, they aim to understand the specific processes that are in effect during this acquisition period, and, influenced by the mechanical spirit of the era, […]

Ancient Literature was one of the hardest courses I had to take. Not because the material was necessarily hard (although in many cases it was), but because it was so hard to form a connection with the pieces. I am not suggesting that one has to be able to relate to every single piece of […]

This paper was written as a take home exam, I’m guessing to answer the question “compare and contrast how the different characters of Plato’s Symposium define ‘love’”. I must admit it is not my best work, as it reads more like a summary than a critically formulated essay. Nevertheless, reading a summary that was supposed […]

Here is a short essay that I submitted as my final paper to my Medieval Literature class. Although not very extensive, I believe it highlights a few topics that kept creeping up on us as our studies continued. The first is the connection between politics and literature. Although some texts would want to trick you […]

The Red and The Black by Stendhal is novel that is situated right in the middle of a turbulent and uneasy political atmosphere. The events of the 19th century and especially those of 1830, leaves France in political instability; as people are divided into two sides: Royalists and Republicans. This dichotomy, however, is not shown […]

I wrote this essay as an answer to an exam question concerning Kazuo Ishiguro’s dystopian novel “Never Let Me Go.” Our teacher had asked us to write a letter as one of the characters to another person we choose. Although I completed the assignment, I had a major problem with the novel as I was […]

I am fascinated by the modern individual’s tendency to distinguish between what is virtual and what is real. In this light, I will try to focus on how we perceive this distinction shapes the way we perceive youth; as it is often believed that they are too involved in the “virtual world” and missing out […]